LED Flood Lights VS LED Spot Lights

When considering lighting design for a space, you will come across various types of lights in order to achieve the desired look. It includes a combination of path lights, flood lights, spot lights, down lights, and up lights.  These lights help enhance the overall visual appeal of features that are the highlight of the space, the yard, and the lights help increase security.

If you are planning on purchasing lights, then you will come across LED flood lights and LED spot lights as they are considered to be one of the most popular options out there. Hence, it can be somewhat confusing to determine which lighting to choose. This is why it is important for you to understand the beam spread and check the light’s spread. It will help you choose the perfect outdoor light for the project.

LED Flood Lights

LED floodlights have a much wider beam spread as compared to LED spot lights. They are generally used for broader illumination. For instance, an LED flood light would not be used to highlight the best landscape feature and would instead be used for illuminating a large patio, deck or a parking lot.

Usually, LED flood lights have a beam spread that is more than 45 degrees up to 120 degrees. However, there are chances that some of the lights might be labeled as flood lights when they have a beam spread that is as narrow as 25 degrees. If you require a narrow beam angle, then you would be better off with an LED spot light.

Aside from lighting for the guest parking area, the driveway or the outdoor living space, LED flood lights are a great choice for down lights as they can be installed high up on the structures or the trees to provide moonlight look for your patio, lawn or garden.

LED Spot Lights

Generally, LED spot lights provide a beam of light which is up to 45 degrees in width and not less than 25 degrees. It is the type of light which one would normally see above a garage door or used to highlight specific landscape features.

LED spot lights are used for the illumination of a particular object such as a doorway, statue, and an architectural feature of a home or an interesting tree. One might also want to choose a spot light which would only contain light for a specific area. They are ideal for small seating areas without disturbing others with light. LED spot lights do not cause light pollution.

LED spot lights are commonly used for landscape lighting as an effect of light and shadow is provided by the lights which creates visual interest. Since LED spot lights make it easier to direct the light to the precise area, they provide a more visible environment to study or work in.


If it is difficult for you to remember the difference between LED flood lights and LED spot lights, then simply keep in mind that flood lights flood the area with light, and spot lights illuminate specific spots.

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