Reasons Why You should switch to LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights need no introduction. They offer just about something for everyone. This post looks at the top reasons why one should switch to LED flood lights.

More Energy Efficient

When it comes to incandescent light bulbs, they lose about 80 percent of their energy as heat which only leaves about 20 percent for light production. While on the other hand, LED flood lights are the complete opposite. They lose less than 10 percent of the energy as heat. Thus, when lumen brightness is looked at, LED flood lights use less than time times of the energy as compared to traditional flood lights.

When you switch to LED as the main source of illumination, you would start to see significant reduction in the overall household power consumption and it would lead to a reduction in energy bills.

Last Much Longer

With a far superior heat dissipation system, LED flood lights are less likely to burn out. LED flood lights offer a higher life expectancy that is over 50,000 hours. They are six to twenty times as long as traditional flood lights. This means users will get to use LED flood lights for up to 17 years or more.

More Colorful

Unlike traditional flood lights, LED flood lights provide thousands of color options without the need for any inconvenient or bulky filers. Hence, LED flood lights are more viable option for venue lighting and events.

Completely Silent

One of the main issues which people seem to have with traditional flood lights is the incessant buzzing and humming sound of the lights. The sound is caused by the transformer or ballast of the lighting fixture.

While, on the other hand LED flood lights work in complete silence which makes them less of a distraction and more pleasant to be around.

Incredibly Safe

Since LED flood lights convert less energy into heat, they would remain much cooler at all times. This means that your fingers would not burn when you accidentally touch the flood light. Besides, there is a lower chance of a fire occurring due to the LED flood light.

Better For Health

You probably know that traditional flood lights are notorious for causing migraines and headaches. They have terrible side effects which is why you need LED flood lights which do not flicker or cause headaches. Therefore, LED flood lights are better health option.

LED lighting technology has been created to an extent where natural light is effectively mimicked and it has a high score on the CRI (Color Rendering Index). According to research, it has been proved that proper exposure to natural light helps promote a healthy circadian rhythm.


A great thing about LED flood lights is that the quality of the white light can easily be tailored to suit every type of human eye. Thus, this eliminates eye strain and reduces the chances of premature aging. All in all, LED flood lights are the future of lighting and it is a great idea to switch to LED flood lights.

Retrofit or Buy Brand New LED Flood Lights

When switching to energy efficient lighting, people tend to have two main questions. Should they keep the existing fixtures or should they replace all of the lighting equipment with new LED flood lights? Which type of lighting technology should one switch to? In most situations, one of the most accessible options for a large amount of uses is LED technology.

Most fixtures would need to be replaced with brand new LED flood lights or retrofitted with LED modules. When choosing an LED option, it is vital for you to understand the difference between the lighting solutions available. There are two main categories that LED lighting choices fall into. These are Retrofit LEDs and new LED lighting fixtures. The thing about Retrofit LEDs is that they utilize the existing lighting fixtures whether through retrofit kits which fit into the existing lighting equipment or through simple screw-in options.

LED flood lights have been designed with the latest LED technology and are the ultimate lighting solution for a variety of reasons. In order to decide whether to retrofit or buy brand new LED flood lights, the pros and cons for each option in the critical areas are mentioned below to provide you with an idea of what you need.


If you are looking for the least expensive way to upgrade the lighting for a property, then retrofitting using LED screw-in lamps might be the best choice. Retrofitting can still be cost effective for fixtures which require an upgrade for accommodating LED technology. One of the main differences between Retrofit and buying brand new LED flood lights is cost. LED flood lights tend to be more expensive when one requires the replacement of existing lighting infrastructure. Besides, other costs should be kept in mind such as for hiring an experienced and qualified electrician.

Ease of Installation

There are Retrofit LED plug and play options which offer the quickest way for you to switch to LED technology but the Retrofit fixtures are also more complex. However, they can still be installed easily as compared to brand new LED flood lights. If you are moving into a new constructed home, then LED flood lights should be the ideal choice. On the other hand, significant amount of work is required for installing LED fixtures when replacing the existing lighting.


LED Retrofit offers a huge variety of choices which fit into the exiting lighting fixtures. This allows you to achieve the desired look for a space in terms of wattage of color. However, keep in mind that when you retrofit, the maximum lumen strength would also be limited to that of the existing fixtures. Hence, if you are looking for much higher lumen output, brand new flood lights will be needed.


With little maintenance needed, Retrofit LED products provide a much longer lifespan but brand new LED flood lights also require little maintenance. Through regular inspection and dusting, the LED light fixtures would easily last longer and prevent any type of component failure from occurring.