Reasons Why You should switch to LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights need no introduction. They offer just about something for everyone. This post looks at the top reasons why one should switch to LED flood lights. More Energy Efficient When it comes to incandescent light bulbs, they lose about 80 percent of their energy as heat which only leaves about 20 percent for […]

Retrofit or Buy Brand New LED Flood Lights

When switching to energy efficient lighting, people tend to have two main questions. Should they keep the existing fixtures or should they replace all of the lighting equipment with new LED flood lights? Which type of lighting technology should one switch to? In most situations, one of the most accessible options for a large amount […]

Things to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Outdoor flood lights are commonly referred to as security lights. They are the most popular choice among homeowners as they produce brighter light which extends to a much wider area without the need of using numerous light bulbs. Outdoor LED flood lights are an affordable and easy way to deter wild animals and intruders alike. […]

Various Usages of LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights offer a wide range of uses. They are extremely versatile which is why LED flood lights have become a popular choice among businesses and home owners. What Are LED Floodlights? LED flood lights are a special type of lighting fixture which has been exclusively designed for the illumination of a large area. […]

LED Flood Lights VS LED Spot Lights

When considering lighting design for a space, you will come across various types of lights in order to achieve the desired look. It includes a combination of path lights, flood lights, spot lights, down lights, and up lights.  These lights help enhance the overall visual appeal of features that are the highlight of the space, […]